Satisfied tegos customers with P.L.A. caravans and RVs

Do you travel with a P.L.A. RV (recreational vehicle) or caravan? And you're interested in the retrofit or replacement of a premium retrofit door and a flap module, a high-quality bug protection system or a modern locking system for improved burglar-protection? The following images show some of our satisfied customer's P.L.A. mobile homes and RVs, that were optimized using tegos premium products, directly assemblied in the tegos manufacture or at one of our service parter's workshops. Increasing comfort and value retention of your mobile home included. Get your individual counseling, independent of manufacturer, brand, type or year of manufacture of your recreational vehicle.

P.L.A. Recreational Vehicles

P.L.A. The Tuscany is surely the place to be if you want to spend your mobile holiday with a touch of la dolce vita. And where in the world could the best mobile homes with italian verve be built? Right, in the Tuscany! The three letters "P.L.A." refer to the founder, Pier Luigi Alinari. This manufacture if also known for its brand names "Giottline" and "McLouis", but the company is also actively marketing its private brand "P.L.A". All these brand names surely are a synonym of "much mobile home for little money", but nevertheless they follow their objective to meet the requirements of a market that's becoming more and more demanding. Therefore, flexible corporate and production methods were developed, but also marketing and dealer network are tightly managed. In Germany, currently 10 dealers are listed, in most other countries there's mostly only two or three service points. For price-conscious mobile homers, a look at their vehicle range is definitely worth it. You can catch a first impression on their homepage:

Link to the P.L.A. website

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